Thinking Forward

We at Polytype Converting understand our mission of continually improving our products to better tackle the new challenges from the industry. This is coating technology for inspiring performance.

Our activities are geared first and foremost towards our customers and their products.

Polytype Converting is a global supplier of coating technology and coating equipment for the surface finishing of a wide variety of substrates.

Polytype Converting is backed up by companies from the OLBRICH GmbH and Jagenberg AG groups. The resulting joint venture means that together with OLBRICH GmbH and Jagenberg AG, Polytype Converting now has two strong and internationally-established shareholders that are pursuing a sustainable growth strategy.

The well-known former brands OLBRICH CTH, Pagendarm and Polytype Converting have been merged to become the new Polytype Converting. The new organization ensures continuity in service and spare parts supply for existing coating lines.

We support customers from our locations in Hamburg/ Germany and Fribourg/Switzerland. Additional know-how is supplied by the colleagues of OLBRICH in Bocholt/ Germany and our two Technical Centers located in Fribourg and Bocholt.