Polytype Converting is backed up by companies from the OLBRICH GmbH and Jagenberg AG groups. The resulting joint venture means that together with OLBRICH GmbH and Jagenberg AG, Polytype Converting now has two strong and internationally-established shareholders that are pursuing a sustainable growth strategy.

Polytype Converting now has access to the entire expertise of Polytype, Pagendarm and OLBRICH CTH and is therefore unique in terms of the offered product range.

Furthermore, the Polytype Converting ensures continuity in service and spare parts supply for existing coating lines of the well-known former brands OLBRICH CTH, Pagendarm and Polytype Converting.

This is coating technology for inspiring performance!


Key Facts

  • Worldwide reference basis since 1955
  • More than 99`999 machines installed
  • Fastest running production machine in the world (>1´200 m/min)
  • Group size (Olbrich & Jagenberg) >10`000 employees
  • Core team of 80 dedicated industry experts
  • Biggest Tech Center Base in the industry