Technik Expo 2023 in Coesfeld, Germany

Daniel Hüging, Jonas Kolks, Mark Funke and Roman Bart, students of the "Berufskolleg Pictorius" in Coesfeld, have worked on their final project to become state-certified technicians in electrical engineering with a focus on process automation at our company OLBRICH.

At this year's Technik-Expo 2023 they will present their project "Modernization of the laboratory plant BA1", which is part of their training and we are proud to be able to implement their project work one-to-one in our technical center.

The task of the project group was to modernize the laboratory plant BA1 (coating line 1). This included the installation and conversion to a new Siemens control system and the replacement of the operating elements. This will keep the plant up to date in order to provide customers with a modern facility for their experiments.

We cordially invite you to the Technik-Expo 2023 - probably the largest technology show in the area.

Meet us in person at Pictorius-Berufskolleg in Coesfeld and find out more about our company. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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