Dryers are not all the same. Our dryers are customized in order to meet every need in the industry. They also have the flexibility to fulfill the expectations of today’s fast-paced markets. They have therefore become true all-rounders with advanced technology and, above all, ever more effective energy-saving designs.

Our dryer systems can process all films – from 1.5 microns - right through to substrates up to a few millimeters thick — and support a wide range of applications.

They can be implemented in our own lines or in third-party systems. We will be happy to tailor a solution to your specific requirements.

Correct nozzle selection is key to achieving a particular coating result. The nozzle configuration may be adjusted to yield the best result for any type of coatings:

  • Patented air guiding system
  • Precise separation of top/bottom air flows
  • No lateral air flows in the nozzle field
  • Perfect drying profile
  • Energy- and cost-efficient solutions
  • Perfect temperature distribution
  • Outstanding heat transfer
  • Optimum drying process

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